Enterprise Edition

Copado Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of Copado includes unlimited OAuth authentication to Salesforce Orgs, automated Apex testing & Git Metadata backups, metadata & data deployments and difference calculators...

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Copado Change Management

Allows business users and developers to interact on User Stories. Associate Metadata and Git Metadata changes with User Stories, and have release managers deploy approved & tested User Stories...

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Change Management
Branch Management

Copado Branch Management

(CBM) allows users to keep Salesforce orgs' metadata and Git branches effortlessly in sync. With Copado Branch Management, running multiple work streams in parallel is easier than never before...

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Copado Selenium Testing

Allows users to record, store and run Selenium testing within Copado. Record data-driven tests once, and run them securely on any Org using OAuth.

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Selenium Test
Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Easily integrate your external project management system with Copado. This repository will hold the base layer of the integration code that may be extended by the community.

The latest version supports JIRA, VersionOne, Rally, Agile Accelerator, ScrumDo and TargetProcess.

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Copado Agile Delivery

Easily manage different projects within Copado by creating Sprints, Epics, Tasks, User Stories and more.

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Agile Delivery

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Enterprise Edition - In detail

Change Management - In detail

Create a deployment flow that defines your Org strategy to enforce the route of the changes.

Continuous Integrations

Copado Branch Management - In detail

Continuously test if your branches are mergeable

Copado Selenium Testing - In detail

Selenium Testing

Copado has created a Selenium testing tool that works with any web app and is optimized for Salesforce applications.


Imports users from external systems/schedulers to triggers actions within Copado:

Copado Agile Delivery - In detail

All the capabilities to manage your multiple agile teams and projects with this affordable license.