Copado launches v10

Discover our new features and updates.

Copado launches v10

Copado v10 has been just released and full of new amazing features which accompanied our team to Dreamforce 2017 event, obtaining a very good feedback from the attending public. We are certain that our customers will enjoy them too!


The key features you will find in Copado v10 are the following:

  • Copado launches Compliance Hub, a brand new feature which will allow our customers enhance their security criteria creating compliance settings, running scans and preventing deployments with compliance violations to get to production.

  • Follow agile methodologies in your development process using Copado Work Manager, a powerful management tool where you will be able to manage backlogs, sprints, user stories and much more in a very visual, intuitive and easy way, just drag&dropping work items between panels.

  • Easily enforce code review and collaboration thanks to the new Pull Request Integration with all the git providers.

  • User stories and team dependencies are now available in order to keep all your work better organized and get dependencies alerts when you need them.

  • Copado is now fully Lightning-Ready, so enjoy all Copado’s features in a renewed look & feel.

  • A new validation feature in your user stories to let you validate if it is deployable.

  • You may now enable or disable commits on your user stories of the deployment flow through this Branch Management enhancement.

  • Enjoy our new YAML Editor, an online tool to easily create, validate and edit Global Find and Replace rules.

  • Invoke Copado Webhooks from Process Builder.

  • Quickly assign Copado Licenses through a new Apex Step on a deployment or apex anonymous execution.

  • Environment variables can be now used when deploying custom setting values and in apex anonymous deployment steps.

  • And last but not least, we are happy to launch a new version of our Copado Selenium Testing application full of improvements and new features.

But this is just a brief summary! Do not hesitate to visit our Release Notes page at http://docs.copa.do/home/release-notes for more information.





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