Copado Launches v9.0

V9-Ton of new features

Copado Launches v9.0
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We are more than happy to announce the release of our new major version today, Copado v9.0.

This version includes some functionalities and enhancements that we know our customers will find very useful and time-saving. So, we are sure that Winter’s coming with good news! :-)

The key features you will find in Copado v9.0 are the following:

  • A fresh, improved and redesigned Branch Management Application where you will be able to promote user stories back and ahead, manage more environments, enjoy an infinite canvas size and much more!

  • A New License (Copado Agile Delivery) designed to bring all stakeholders onboard to enjoy our Agile Framework.

  • A new Agile Sprint Virtual Wall where you will be able to easily create and manage your user stories and sprints. But this is not all, in next releases you will also have Backlog boards, backburner, velocity graphs… and much more agile stuff!

  • New security improvements on Org Credentials to fully rely on the OAth2 protocol.

  • Support for Community and Portal Users in Copado License Manager.

  • Our Kanban Board redesigned to make it Lightning ready.

  • Many User Story enhancements such as new record types (bug, investigation and user story), new deployment task supported, more checks and information of your methods and code coverage, more conflicts validation, etc.

  • And new warning messages in many pages to let you be aware of the blocked branches and queue jobs in real time.

But this is just a brief summary! Do not hesitate to visit our Release Notes page at docs.copa.do for more information.


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