New release Copado v11

We present our latest release Copado v11. Discover the news of the best Salesforce Release Management platform and do not miss our most relevant solution for Salesforce DX

New release Copado v11

Copado v11 is already available. It comes full of new amazing features which we presented at the Trailheadx event obtaining a very good feedback from the booth visitors.

This release includes a large amount of new features which we are very proud to share with you:

  • Copado DX Solution full of extended capabilities, APIs, tools and commands to allow developers have a smooth transition to DX and work accordingly to best practices in a highly productive environment.

  • Vlocity metadata Integration as part of your Release Management process.

  • Bamboo Integration now supported.

  • License Manager enhancements with more visible information to manage your licenses.

  • A brand new Getting Started Page to guide you through your first steps in Copado configuration.

  • Many Git related features requested by our customers:

    • Dynamic Git Operations for supporting Destructive Changes, Recommit Files and Recreate Feature branches from Copado.

    • Online Conflict Resolution to manually resolve apex files conflicts.

    • Execute test-only classes to increase your apex code coverage without committing all test classes.

    • Commit Full Profiles and Permission Sets.

    • Ability to create a feature branch out of a different branch (not main branch).

    • Manage and delete Git branches in your Git repositories directly from Copado.

    • New invocable classes to leverage new webhooks.

  • Customizable Copado Smart Tips on the commit page with warnings and reminders to help users with the commit selections.

  • A new set of reports and dashboards for managing your agile projects, check Compliance Hub results, follow-up your quality gates and much more.

  • Our user interface has also been improved with many user experience enhancements, new fields, more available data, grids and help/warning messages throughout the whole application, especially in the following pages: User Stories, Git Snapshots, Promotions, Compliance Hub, Code Scan Analysis, Sprint Wall, Work Manager, Teams.

For more detailed information about this release, please, visit our documentation site:

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