Pull Requests for Everyone

For a very long time, Copado’s been supporting all Git providers to let your software repositories be integrated with your Salesforce development environment.

Pull Requests for Everyone

As of v10, Copado not only supports pull requests from your user stories for Github but also for Bitbucket, Stash, GitLab, VSTS and any on-premise git provider, so that, your development process can include this quality gate as part of it no matter what Git vendor you use.


We have to thank Bitbucket for the collaboration provided to Copado improving its pull request feature to let the integration with this Git repository be possible too using just a URL.


Copado v10 also includes, for the pull request enhancement, "User Story Metadata" and "Promotion" pull requests support. By using these new pull request functionalities, you will be able to review potentially conflicted metadata by creating a pull request from the user story metadata or review all user stories added to a promotion and compare the metadata against the destination environment metadata.


Feel free to visit our website for more information about this brand new feature here: http://docs.copa.do/copado-change-management/user-story-pull-requests




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