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Copado Solutions

is a leading provider of Salesforce Release Management and Continuous Delivery solutions.

Enterprise Edition

Copado Enterprise

The Enterprise Edition of Copado includes unlimited OAuth authentication to Salesforce Orgs, automated Apex testing & Git Metadata backups, metadata & data deployments and difference calculators.

Change Management

Copado Change

Allows business users and developers to interact on User Stories. Associate Metadata and Git Metadata changes with User Stories, and have release managers deploy approved & tested User Stories.

Branch Management

Copado Branch

CBM allows users to keep Salesforce orgs' metadata and Git branches effortlessly in sync. With Copado Branch Management, running multiple work streams in parallel is easier than never before.

Selenium Testing

Copado Selenium

Allows users to record, store and run Selenium testing within Copado. Record data-driven tests once, and run them securely on any Org using OAuth. Run your QA department in Salesforce.

Agile Delivery

Copado Agile

Easily manage different projects within Copado by creating Sprints, Epics, Tasks, User Stories and more. Onboard business stakeholders and get all the benefits from the Sprint Wall and the Work Manager.

Compliance Hub

Copado Compliance

Compliance Hub enables Compliance Officers to monitor the organization's compliance requirements in real time. Non-compliant changes are highlighted and actioned depending on severity and other criteria.

Release Management Solution

Existing customers should install the application in Production. Prospective customers may install Copado also in Production. A 30-day trial is available. To have the Enterprise feature enabled, click here.

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Prospective customers may install Copado in a Sandbox. Please consider, however, that moving data (existing deployments etc...) is a complex process and will need to be migrated by the customer, if required.

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Feel free to contact us to request a Demo of any of our features, we will be pleased to show the benefits of using our app.

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Copado Solutions


Copado Solutions

Copado Blog

We help you stay informed so you can optimize your projects and enjoy all the advantages that Copado Solutions can offer you.

Pull Requests for Everyone

For a very long time, Copado’s been supporting all Git providers to let your software repositories be integrated with your Salesforce development environment.

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Copado launches v10

Discover our new features and updates.

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Our clients´ opinions

"With Copado we were able to go from 1 deployment taking 5 days to 5 deployments per day. Truly a lifesaver."


"We used Copado for our release management process very successfully, we would recommend using copado."

Linde Industrial Gases

"The deployment solution alone has taken the pain out of managing change sets for our large organization with heavy use. Partnering with Copado has been incredibly valuable."

Coca-Cola Enterprises

"This is by far the best app for deployments I've used."